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About me

Bonjour, I’m Marion Beauregard, and my passion is to help you reach harmony on a physical, emotional and mental level, help you feel whole again, full of vitality and confidence. Using a combination of Sophrology and Complementary therapies, I work with men and women who want to approach life’s events in a calm, positive and serene way.



I am originally from the South of France. I settled down in the United Kingdom in 2008. My interest in health and wellbeing and personal development developed 6 years ago when struggling through a period of self-doubt and unhappiness. I worked in an office environment, in sales or marketing. I felt completely out of place and disconnected from myself and my real aspirations. My mood deteriorated, I became irritable, I wasn’t good company to anyone and I isolated myself from others. I needed to change direction; I quit my job and left for a few months to volunteer in Peru teaching French and English in a deprived area of Nasca. I needed a break to try something else, clear my mind and open up my perspectives. I had already some volunteering for our family-run NGO Association Nepal building a school in Nuwakot, a small village in the Valley of Katmandu. Through these volunteering jobs, I discovered a passion in helping people and knew I needed to retrain in a profession that would enable me to just do that. By the end of my trip to Peru, I decided that I did not want to go back to work in the same field. I travelled back to the UK and worked with a life coach to help me identify the new direction I wanted to pursue. My interest in all things health and wellbeing became clearer session after session and I decided to retrain first as a massage therapist and reflexology.

Having come across and practised some Sophrology before in my home country, I decided to expand my skills and explore the discipline in more depth. I enrolled on the practitioner training course which was a real eye opener for me. Not only did it change my personal life but it also confirmed that my change of career was the right path for me. Amongst many other things, it has taught me how to relax both physically and mentally and how to use my positive resources to achieve my potential, live happily in the present moment but also positive and confident about my future. I practice on a daily basis and have never felt as empowered, alive and aligned with my values than I am today. I became a certified Sophrologist and I now feel that I am exactly where I need to be, helping people reconnect with their natural ability to feel calm, positive and full of vitality.


My areas of expertise

I work as a Sophrologist and Complementary therapist, essentially with:

  • Men and women experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety or recovering from burnout. Individuals who have lost touch with themselves and would like to feel what it’s like to be positive and full of vitality again. Men and women who would like to approach future events in calm and positive way
  • Women wanting to prepare their body for pregnancy, expectant mothers wishing to experience a calm and comfortable birth and new mothers to adapt to motherhood and regain energy

With a background in office work and a specialisation in stress and burnout, I also work in partnership with businesses to help improve staff’s health and wellbeing through tailored effective stress management programmes.

I am accredited and registered with the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and member of the professional Association Embody.

When I am not facilitating workshops and seeing clients, you’ll find me helping out running our NGO Association Nepal, trying out new dishes in the kitchen, training in kickboxing and spending quality time with my amazing husband, my franco-welsh family and my friends.



  • Practitioner diploma in Sophrology, The Sophrology Academy. Advanced specialisation in stress, burnout, sleep, self-confidence and dynamic Sophrology.
  • Diploma in swedish massage, reflexology, hot stone massage, seated acupressure massage, Exeter Natural Health Centre
  • Additional training in Transactional Analysis, NLP, Non-Violent Communication


Contact me

I would love to hear from you and find out how I can help you. Feel free to get in touch via the contact form below.