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Clients’ experiences

My clients share their experience with you


I am very happy to recommend Marion’s on-line Sophrology course to anyone interested in learning more about Sophrology.  In spite of the course being accessed on-line, I found it personal and rewarding in a way which exceeded my expectations.  I felt I was guided through any difficulties I was experiencing by a wise and caring teacher, who answered every question I raised with great attention to detail.  I have a real sense of having gained a good grasp of Sophrology and its benefits to everyday life.

Marion’s voice is key to the success of the course –  her recordings are a joy to listen to.   I experienced a deep sense of relaxation from the earliest moments of listening and her words guided me clearly and kindly through the various aspects of Sophrology practice.

This course will enable you to raise your levels of body awareness and to gain a sure insight into the benefits of practising ‘little and often’.  Hesitate no longer.  Give it a go!



Sophrology has given me the tools to deal with stressful situations in my everyday life and also taught me exercises to practice on a daily basis.
Gillian S.


Marion is a warm and knowledgable teacher. In our class, I learned useful techniques for calming my mind which I have used many times since. The various practices are short, easy to incorporate into daily life and highly effective. Marion provides very clear instruction in her lovely soothing voice, making the process of learning the skills in her classes highly enjoyable. I can recommend sophrology and particularly classes with Marion!”

Sabrina S


Sophrology has allowed me to increase my ability to physically relax and appreciate the positive in life. I feel more tolerant and driven and able to better express my emotions and feeling. I now have tools to cope with negative events and emotions and am able to let go more. These sessions with Marion were very beneficial, a soft, gentle but noticeable change.”

Ailsa S


Sophrology has helped to release stress from parts of the body that I hadn’t even realised I had. It has helped handle stress and I am able to breathe better.”

Donna W


Sophrology has helped me to totally relax which was a new experience for me. It enabled me to “switch off” from stressful thoughts and worries”.

Mary B


I love massages and I came out of the session with Marion deeply relaxed. The stress and tension were gone! It was as if I was walking on a soft cloud!

Marion’s touch is gentle but firm and she identified very quickly the areas to work on. She helped ease the pain and break the knots I had in my shoulders. Her listening skills and her kindness have put me at ease straight away and I felt safe. I particularly appreciated having towels resting on the body parts that were not being worked on. It is a special and important attention for people like me who have a complex about their body.

The session combined Reflexology and Massage and it was definitly what I needed to relax and feel good in my body again. It has made me realise how important it is to look after our body and I look forward to renewing the experience in this warm welcoming atmosphere.
Thank you Marion”.

Corinne P


The most relaxing and stress relieving therapy, reflexology with Marion will leave you feeling amazing!'”

Jo G


I have been a client of Marion’s for some time now and feel that she delivers a highly professional treatment balanced perfectly with her warm and friendly personality and her holistic approach. I would highly recommend all of Marion’s treatments to anybody, having tried all of them myself!”

Jackie M