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Our appointment for the second scan is tomorrow! Yay! 

The weeks leading up to the first scan were excruciating. Time went really slowly. When it is your first pregnancy, although you have an idea of what it will be like, it is nothing compared to what you actually experience. Worries come and go. You haven’t got a clue what to expect. You just turn up at the appointments you have been given and see what happens. This is what I experienced myself anyway. I was very positive most of the time but every now and then, worries crept it… will it be alright? Is the baby really there? Until I saw it on the screen, it really felt like I was imagining my pregnancy! Anyway, first scan happened and all went well apart from the fact my bladder almost exploded and I had to shake my bottom half several times to try and make baby change position!

We had a sense of relief as we stepped out of the hospital, as if we could give ourselves a break for a while knowing there is definitely a baby in there and by the looks of it, it has got all it is meant to have at this stage.

As we approach this second scan, I feel different. Time has flown by since the last scan, I have definitely got a bit of tummy now and I have started feeling Peanut’s movements in the last two weeks. It definitely feels more real now. So here I am, excited but slightly anxious at the same time which I think is a fairly common mix of emotions felt by pregnant women about to find out if all is well with their baby and potentially what gender it is.

In preparation for the scan and to release any stress I am carrying at the moment, I treated myself this morning to a Sophrology session specifically focusing on tomorrow. I had a plan in mind. After guiding myself through the key techniques to relax my body and calm my mind, I would take some time to connect with baby and then visualise myself towards the end of my pregnancy happy and serene.

In a session, you never know what emotions and sensations may come up, it is important to remain open to what presents itself and welcome it without judgment. It helps release and express feelings we might not have even known were there. I didn’t expect to get so emotional during my practice this morning but I went with the flow, I allowed myself to let these tears of love and joy run down my face. This session has made me feel deeply alive and human.

The bit that triggered such intense emotion was the connection with baby. I visualised him/her, well comfy in there, all warm and cosy. I started talking to him/her and sending him waves of love and affection. I told him/her how much fun we were going to have as a family and we would always be here for each other. Tears started trickling down my cheeks as I visualised our future. I felt overwhelmed with warmth and love. Baby started wriggling around and giving gentle kicks as if it was responding to me. Gratitude flowed through my body.

Later on, I took the time to explain to him/her what would happen tomorrow with the scan and that we were looking forward to seeing him/her again. I visualised the scan appointment with the midwife, seeing myself calm and relaxed lying on the couch and taking in the results and findings as she carried out the examination. I asked Peanut to behave itself so the midwife could have a thorough look and not to be shy and let us see what gender it is. Hopefully, it got the message and will do as s/he is told tomorrow!

I ended my session visualising myself at the end of my pregnancy feeling ready to welcome little one into the world, happy and serene. I came back to the room, feeling light around my chest and my heart overflowing with love. I feel confident, I know I can do this.

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