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Sophrology, the life-enhancing body mind practice you have been missing out on for 50 years

Feel calm with Sophrology

“Sophro what?” “Sophrology” “What’s that?” This is a question I get asked every single day. Sophrology is a body mind method that has been around for half a century and that is widely used in French and Spanish speaking countries. Just to give you a rough idea of its popularity, there are currently over 12 000 […] Read more…

How to become more resilient to stress, stay calm and focused.

Sophrology for stress management in the workplace

Stress is the normal physiological response of our body when feeling threatened or in danger. Whether facing real or imagined danger, our body instantly enters the fight or flight mode. This reaction to stress exists to protect us. In emergency situations, this reaction can save our life by providing the additional strength and energy required […] Read more…

Why should businesses bother introducing mindfulness in the workplace?

Mindfulness at work

A few years ago, the idea of bringing meditation in the workplace made business owners cringe. Things have drastically changed since scientific research has been carried out to prove the efficiency of mindfulness meditation on stress reduction. Businesses are now intrigued by its potential. Mindfulness is in fashion and more and more businesses are now […] Read more…