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Discover this Sophrology exercise to release tension in the upper body

Very effective exercise to practice when you are feeling overwhelmed, tense, irritated, impatient and still have a lot of things to get done before you can relax and unwind.

– Close your eyes, notice your body position, let go of unnecessary tension, drop your shoulders, and unclench your jaw.

– Become aware of your neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Feel the shape and volume. Breathe out profoundly, breathe in, and gently contract shoulders and arms, leaving the rest of the body completely relaxed. Hold your breath, shake your shoulders up and down gently, notice the buildup of tension and breathe out slowly, relax your arms and hands, drop your shoulders. Repeat 3 times in total. If you want, you can imagine that you are throwing your frustration and stress on the floor as your breathe out. Allow yourself to cleanse your body from these unproductive feelings.

– Listen to how you are feeling, notice body sensations. Few deep breath, move your body, stretch, open your eyes.

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