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Public speaking & interviews

Are you preparing for an upcoming interview or public speaking event and feeling anxious about your performance on the day?

Aside from preparing the content of your interview or presentation plenty of time in advance, it is also important that you mentally prepare yourself for it so you step into the room in the right frame of mind and adopting a confident body posture.

During Sophrology sessions, we focus on the latest: approaching this future event with a positive and serene mind and relaxed body.

Is your upcoming interview or public speaking gig triggering:

  • Anxiety and stress (knotted stomach, shallow breathing, physical tension…)
  • Low confidence and self-esteem
  • Negative thoughts and worries about forthcoming outcome
  • Inability to focus
  • High level of nervousness

What can Sophrology do for you?

Preparing with Sophrology consists in discovering and learning a combination of breathing exercises, body movements, postures and visualisation techniques, tailored to your situation, which will help calm your nerves and develop a positive mindset.

Studies have shown that our subconscious mind does not differentiate a lived experience from an imagined one. In our sessions, we make use of this useful information to go through visualisations of the interview or public speaking event as if you were there in real life. The combination of the Sophrology techniques engages both your body and mind to use all your positive inner resources and potential and experience the event confidently, serenely and positively.

We may also call upon resources you have already used in the past to reproduce a desired effect. The use of three dimensions, present, future and past during our work enables you to not only activate the resources you will need for the big day but also for other future events that could potentially trigger stress.  Our sessions equip you with the tools you need to:

  • Manage your stress efficiently,
  • Remain calm and composed throughout the event
  • Express yourself clearly to your audience
  • Adopt a relaxed and confidence posture
  • Develop a positive mindset

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We work together face-to-face in one of my clinic in London (South Kensington or Bond Street) or via skype. The number of sessions will vary depending on your needs and how much time we have before your interview or public speaking event.

Face-to-face sessions are £75/hour. 1 hour Skype session is £40. Payment is on the day if working face to face and upfront for Skype sessions (via Paypal).

Please note that there is a 24 hour cancellation fee.

Discounts for block sessions are available:

  • Package of 5 face-to-face sessions (including recordings): £325.


Matthew shares his experience of Sophrology to prepare for his upcoming work interview