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Sport performance & competition

Managing stress, boosting motivation, improving confidence and concentration, channeling energy, improving the recovery process and managing pain are all aspects of an athlete’s reality that Sophrology can help with.

Whatever their level, athletes can improve their performance through regular practice of Sophrology.


Why use Sophrology in sports?

  • Sophrology work simultaneously on body and mind. We know that an athlete’s performance isn’t only linked to his physical ability but also his mental strength and mindset. Sophrology aims to achieve harmony and balance between body and mind.
  • Sophrology enables to use just the right amount of energy and tension and not waste any unnecessary resource.
  • Athletes alternate times for tension and intense focus during training and competition with times for relaxation and recovery. The quality of the recovery is a key element in the athlete’s performance and Sophrology works to enhance that recovery process.


What areas of sport performance can be improved with Sophrology?

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Promote team cohesion
  • Develop strong adaptation skills
  • Manage stress efficiently
  • Stimulate focus, concentration and memory skills
  • Boost physical and mental energy prior to competition
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Develop a positive mindset and positive approach to competition and training
  • Boost motivation and fight discouragement
  • Improve and speed up recovery process

Sophrology both relaxes and invigorates. Working with Sophrology is seeking the optimal performance by balancing recovery and energy levels.

Sophrology sessions develop the athletes’ autonomy so they can use the techniques on their own. The method must be practiced regularly for optimal results.

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We work together face-to-face in one of my clinic in London (South Kensington or Bond Street) or via skype. The number of sessions will vary depending on your needs and I will be able to give you an estimate number of sessions during our initial consultation.

Face-to-face sessions are £75/hour. 1 hour Skype session is £40. Payment is on the day if working face to face and upfront for Skype sessions (via Paypal).

Please note that there is a 24 hour cancellation fee.

Discounts for block sessions are available:

  • Package of 5 face-to-face sessions (including recordings): £325.