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Are you anxious and/or worried about an upcoming surgery?

Sophrology offers a range of techniques to practice in the weeks leading up to the surgery to mentally and physically prepare for it and after the surgery to speed up the recovery process.

Sophrology in the context of surgical procedures can appease the tension and fears that can be triggered in such situation. These fears are often linked to the surgery itself, the anesthetics or the potential consequences of the surgery.


What Sophrology helps with

Sophrology offers gentle relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques to:

  • Physically and mentally prepare for the surgery
  • Manage stress efficiently
  • Manage and reduce fear and worries about the surgery
  • Manage discomfort and unpleasant sensations
  • Activate positive thoughts
  • Assist and speed up recovery process

It is recommended to start Sophrology sessions a few weeks prior to the operation.

Sophrology doesn’t guarantee the outcome of the operation but makes experience more comfortable.

More on Sophrology here.



We work together face-to-face in one of my clinic in London (South Kensington or Bond Street) or via skype. The number of sessions will vary depending on your needs and how much time we have before the surgery.

Face-to-face sessions are £75/hour. 1 hour Skype session is £40. Payment is on the day if working face to face and upfront for Skype sessions (via Paypal).

Please note that there is a 24 hour cancellation fee.

Discounts for block sessions are available:

  • Package of 5 face-to-face sessions (including recordings): £325.