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Sophrology exercise to recharge your batteries and boost your energy levels

f you are lacking of energy and feel that your motivation and focus are decreasing, try these techniques:

  • Close your eyes, bring your awareness to your body and relax any tense part. Now focus on your breathing, without judging, simply noticing the flow of air coming in and out.
  • Now, count up to 3 as you breathe in…and with your lungs full, you hold your breath for a count of 4 and breathe out for 3…and again. Breathing in for 3, hold your breath for 4 and exhale for 3. Repeat this exercise for a couple of minutes….
  • Now imagine yourself in a very sunny place. The warmth is just right for you, not too hot. Feel the light of the sun, the bright colour, bringing you energy. Feel the warmth of the sunrays on your skin. Every time you take a breath in, it is as if you are breathing in the energy of the sun in your body and your mind. As you breathe out, you let this soothing yet energising feeling circulate throughout your body…. Take a couple of minutes to breathe in the sun. Then slowly come back to the room, let the images go away but you keep the positive feelings inside you.

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