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Online Course

“Improve your wellbeing with Sophrology”

This programme has been designed for people who would like to feel calmer and more relaxed in their everyday life.

You will greatly benefit from this programme if you:

  • Feel overwhelmed and/or experience stress and tension
  • Are tired and drained
  • Are overworked and struggling to slow down
  • Your mind is racing and you wish you could switch it off every now and then
  • You have a poor sleep quality and struggle to focus and concentrate during the day
  • Your patience and energy are running low
  • Feel negative and worry unnecessarily

What you will learn and experience on this programme

There are a huge number of benefits to practicing Sophrology. The aim of this programme is to help you reconnect with your ability to feel calm, relaxed and positive.

The techniques that you will learn on this course will enable you to:

  • Relax and unwind on your own, to de-stress efficiently during the day, at work or at home.
  • Let go of physical tension in the body
  • Develop a better awareness of your needs and signs you are not listening to them
  • Quieten your mind so you can sleep better and be more efficient during the day
  • Improve your self-confidence and body image
  • Gain a deeper sense of energy, aliveness and presence in your body.
  • Develop non-judgment towards yourself and others, reducing negative thoughts and unnecessary worries.
  • Be more present in the moment and express gratitude
  • Lift your mood and centre yourself

What the programme includes

The programme is structured over 5 weeks and each of the sessions is designed to help you listen to your body and know yourself better so you can achieve a greater sense of wellbeing in your everyday life.

You will be guided throughout the course by my voice and you will learn to reconnect with the resources you have within yourself to manage stress efficiently and build a strong positive mind. You will be able to fit the techniques in your everyday life very easily.

The exercises you will practice in this programme come from Sophrology which is a gentle method widely used in France for stress and sleep management and personal development. Sophrology combines breathing exercises, body movements, concentration and specific visualisation techniques.

The programme structure is:

Session 1: How to bring calmness into your life

Session 2: How to release physical tension and negativity in your body

Session 3: How to regain and boost your energy

Session 4: Improve the quality of your sleep

Session 5: Feel grounded, balanced and increase your ability to focus

When you purchase this programme, you will receive:

  • Quick start guide on how to use the programme
  • Practice guidelines to read prior to listening to the audio recordings
  • 12 guided audio recordings to explore at your own time (with a minimum of a week’s gap in between the sessions).
  • 6 videos demonstrating the dynamic relaxation exercises
  • 5 reflection worksheets to help you integrate the experience after listening to the recordings
  • 5 home practice sheets to bring your new way of being into your everyday life.
  • Direct email with me (Marion) to ask any questions throughout the programme

Price of the programme (includes all of the above): £87


This online programme is based on Sophrology which is a highly experiential method that is widely popular in France and Spain to improve health and wellbeing and is now becoming more widely available in the English speaking world.

Embarking on this programme is a journey of personal development. It is an act of love:

  • Towards yourself. You are taking a precious time for yourself to nurture and improve your sense of wellbeing and happiness. You are also giving yourself the gift of relaxation, learning effective techniques that will stay with you for a lifetime.
  • Towards your family and colleagues. Your entourage will quickly notice the positive impact Sophrology is having on your wellbeing, your stress levels, and your approach to life.

Through gentle body movements, you will learn to trust your body and reach a long lasting state of harmony and relaxation. You will explore the power of your breathing and your mind to feel calm, serene and positive.



What clients think of the programme:

I am very happy to recommend Marion’s on-line Sophrology course to anyone interested in learning more about Sophrology.  In spite of the course being accessed on-line, I found it personal and rewarding in a way which exceeded my expectations.  I felt I was guided through any difficulties I was experiencing by a wise and caring teacher, who answered every question I raised with great attention to detail.  I have a real sense of having gained a good grasp of Sophrology and its benefits to everyday life.

Marion’s voice is key to the success of the course –  her recordings are a joy to listen to.   I experienced a deep sense of relaxation from the earliest moments of listening and her words guided me clearly and kindly through the various aspects of Sophrology practice.

This course will enable you to raise your levels of body awareness and to gain a sure insight into the benefits of practising ‘little and often’.  Hesitate no longer.  Give it a go!



Disclaimer: This programme is designed to help you improve your wellbeing. It is a complementary method that cannot, in any case, replace any medical advice.