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Why use Sophrology during pregnancy and to prepare for birth?

stress free during pregnancy

Widely recommended and used in France by doctors and midwives to support expectant women during this new stage in life, Sophrology is now growing in popularity throughout the UK. Expectant mums choose to practice Sophrology during their pregnancy for various reasons: they are prone to stress and tension and worry this might impact baby on […] Read more…

Sophrology, the life-enhancing body mind practice you have been missing out on for 50 years

Feel calm with Sophrology

“Sophro what?” “Sophrology” “What’s that?” This is a question I get asked every single day. Sophrology is a body mind method that has been around for half a century and that is widely used in French and Spanish speaking countries. Just to give you a rough idea of its popularity, there are currently over 12 000 […] Read more…