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Throwing myself into journaling and sharing my pregnancy journey with you

I am 17 weeks pregnant as I write this post. I have been playing with the idea of journaling online during my pregnancy for a while now.

I recently bought a lovely book called Bump to Birthday which enables you to put down in words how you are feeling week after week and what you have been up to. In Sophrology, we are always encouraged to write down after each session how we are feeling, our sensations and emotions so this process came quite naturally to me, a way to embrace my current pregnancy experience. It will be lovely to read it back in a few years and remember what it was like during this first 9 months. Aside from being a good way to express myself, I also think it will be lovely to share its content with my children when they are grown up.

Pregnancy is a bit of an emotional roller coaster and I found that journaling process useful to help me acknowledge these feelings and express them rather than bottle them up. Although I have worked with many women helping them prepare for birth and motherhood with Sophrology, I have always looked forward to applying these specific skills for my own pregnancy. So here I am, expecting our first baby, a source of joy and excitement but naturally bringing with it its inevitable worries.

Even though I am a Sophrologist and I have the tools to feel calm, relaxed and positive in my everyday life, it doesn’t mean I am not human and have not got the same worries as everyone else. In actual fact, I do. There isn’t a day when I do not worry about my ability to do this and the baby’s healthy growth. I have all sorts of thoughts running through my mind: Is the baby alright in there? Why is not kicking now? Have I put on enough weight? What if I inadvertently harm the baby? Will I be a good mother? However, with the extensive training I have received and my experience with clients, I know that all of this is completely normal so I don’t give myself a hard time about it. I allow myself to have these feelings. But I am also equipped with my Sophrology approach and toolbox to put these worries and thoughts aside to focus on the positive so it doesn’t become overwhelming and start creating me stress and negativity which ultimately affects my baby.

After a few weeks of writing in my beautiful book, I started to think that it might be a good idea if I used my website as well to share my own journey with my readers and clients. I would like to use this platform as a way to share my thoughts and experiences as a woman on a life changing journey towards motherhood who happens to also be a sophrologist. I am on a mission to face this new event in a calm, relaxed and positive way and I would like to share this with you and maybe you will find amongst all of this some tips or inspirations that help you on your own journey.

There won’t be any specific structure to these articles, simply thoughts and reflections I have as I move through pregnancy week after week preparing for this new stage in life in a mindful way.

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